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About Shawano Menominee Resiliency Coalition

We are a resource available for anyone struggling with addiction or in Recovery.  We are working  to address the need for safe, affordable sober housing, recovery resources, while reducing stigma in the workplace and community.


Our Vision

To have a safe, supportive, and healthy community that embraces individuals and families in their recovery.

Our Mission

To engage in building a strong, sustainable comprehensive recovery support system.

Our Resource Center

Located at 710 E Green Bay Street, Shawano WI 54166, our center is made up of individuals who are committed to supporting each other as they navigate the challenges of recovery. We offer a variety of resources and services to help our residents achieve success in their recovery journey.

What we've accomplished:

  • Trained individuals in recovery to become peer support specialists and recovery coaches.

  • Established the Recovery Resource Center at 710 E Green Bay Street, Shawano WI 54166

  • Purchased our first recovery home for women.

Our Future Goals

  • Establish a recovery house for men

  • Bring outpatient services to the area

  • Educate businesses on becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace and encourage workplaces to support treatment and recovery

  • Initiate a Substance Abuse Prevention program within our local schools

  • Continue to expand the Annual Recovery Awareness and Celebration Walk

Group Therapy

Welcome to Shawano Menominee Resiliency Coalition

"Recovery is not a journey that you have to take alone. There is strength in community, and Shawano Menominee Resiliency Coalition provides that support."

Shawano Menominee Resiliency Coalition

Did you know...

  • The number of people needing detox services continues to increase

  • Our City Police and County Sheriff's report 80% of their calls are drug or alcohol related.

  • They also responded to an increased number of domestic and disturbance complaints, often which alcohol and/or drugs played a role in these requests for services.

  • The number of individuals seeking services for alcohol and drug related needs continues to rise. 

  • Many of these individuals receiving services lack stable, safe housing.

  • Less than half of the individuals involved with corrections who need treatment are receiving it,

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