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Our Staff

Shawano Menominee Resiliency Coalition is a team of experienced and compassionate professionals dedicated to helping individuals struggling with addiction and in recovery. Our staff includes certified addiction counselors, therapists, and recovery coaches who work together to provide comprehensive and personalized care to every client.

John Smith

Founder & Executive Director

John Smith is a licensed addiction counselor with over 10 years of experience in the field. He founded Shawano Menominee Resiliency Coalition with the vision of creating a safe and supportive community for individuals in recovery. John is passionate about helping people overcome their addiction and achieve lasting sobriety.

Emily Wilson

Program Director

Emily Wilson is a certified recovery coach and program director at Shawano Menominee Resiliency Coalition. She has extensive experience in developing and implementing evidence-based treatment programs for addiction and mental health disorders. Emily is committed to providing high-quality care and support to every client.

Sarah Lee

Lead Counselor

Sarah Lee is a licensed therapist and lead counselor at Shawano Menominee Resiliency Coalition. She has a deep understanding of the complex issues surrounding addiction and mental health, and works closely with clients to develop personalized treatment plans. Sarah is dedicated to helping individuals achieve long-term recovery and wellness.

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